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How I Can Help

What I Do

Issues in reproductive ethics feel as if they are never ending, but through my experience in this space, I can see that we are just getting started. Technology is emerging faster than we can understand how to use it in the best, most ethical way, and I would like to change that one fertility clinic at a time. 

I stay up to date with all the technologies emerging in the reproductive space and analyze them from an ethics and policy lens to perform due diligence for the stakeholders affected. 

Hand Shadow

Ways I Help

I am happy to provide debriefs at your clinic after difficult cases, or even help your team deliberate via an ethics committee. 

I am also able to break down big ideas, like the moral status of the embryo, to apply it to practical policy. 

I am more than happy to review the policies you currently have within your clinic to ensure consistency, transparency, and a high standard of care. 

In a nutshell

Offering case consults, policy review and development, literature review and analysis, teaching, and committee presence. 

Let's Talk

Contact me to learn more and how I can help provide my expertise and services to you and your organization, committee, research team or project. 

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