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What I Do


What I Do

I help you think about reproductive ethics issues and policies with depth and ease. 


Offering case consults, Policy review and development, literature review and analysis, teaching, and committee presence. 

Birth Control Pills

Bioethics Associate

Bioethics capacity building through education, policy review and development, literature review and analysis, teaching, and committee presence.

Special interest in public and staff engagement. 

Academic Library


Special interest in the limits of autonomy in healthcare settings, and the ethics of gatekeeping. 

Currently working on papers that discuss the impact of COVID on fertility clinics in Canada, UK, US, and Israel, as well as the psychological impact on patients.


Invited to clinical, academic, and lay venues to discussing emerging technology and ethics in the reproductive space. 

I would love to send you my talk on Abandoned Embryos for the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society!



I help teach: 

HMB306: Ethics in Emerging Technologies (Undergraduate)

HMB406: Healthcare Ethics (Undergraduate)

LMP2003: Biomedical Ethics in Embryology and Pathology (Graduate)

High Fives

Cafè Bioethics

Café Bioethics started as an intellectually accessible forum where individuals, who do not necessarily have a background in bioethics, medicine, or law, can participate in laid-back philosophical discussion. Everyone has a stake in what we talk about, so why not engage with everyone?

Let's Talk

Contact me to learn more and how I can help provide my services to you and your organization, committee, research team or project. 

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