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Specializing in reproductive ethics, public policy,

and public engagement.

About Nipa

Nipa is a bioethicist from Toronto, specializing in reproductive ethics, public policy, and public engagement.

Essentially, she is a complex problem solver. She aims to create easy ethical internal processes for fertility clinics, by bringing her fertility ethics expertise and passion to the table.


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"Nipa is a great individual to work with. She guides the group which whom she is working to make a determination on the ethical dilemma being faced. Her background research is excellent and she clearly is passionate about the subject area she works in."


Simon Phillips PhD FRSB, Scientific Director

OVO Fertility

What I Do

How I Can Help

  • How many add-ons in fertility treatment is too many?
    Start to think about the line between benefit and exploitation. Let's discuss how a patient's desires can get to a point where they themselves are being harmed.
  • What if a patient is seeking an embryo of a specific race or specific sex?
    I can guide your clinic in developing a policy that seeks to address such issues, based on your regions laws and your clinics values.
  • What should we do with abandoned embryos?
    Are embryos legally seen as property or persons in your region? The answer to this question can get you started in your discussions.
  • How can an ethicist help my fertility clinic?
    Law is the minimum ethic. Ethics goes beyond the law to help your clinic provide the best possible treatment to your valued patients. Consistent policies allow your patients to retain trust in your clinic and allow your clinicians to provide care with ease of mind. There are already countless clinical facts to keep in mind for each and every patient, leave the ethics to me.

Who I Work With

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